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Request a Web Publishing Account

Information Provider Agreement

As an information provider, I will maintain my group's information in our assigned space on Brown University's "webpub" web server, serve as liaison to CIS administration, and act as the contact point to the Brown and Internet community.

Web Requirements
  • My group's home page will have contact information for the group. This can be telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses or any combination of these.
  • Each page that contains information which could become outdated will have a date when the page was last updated.
  • My group's home page will clearly identify that it is a part of Brown University.
Security Requirements

As Information Provider, I am responsible for the secure management of my group's web site. Since webpub does not ensure a private or secure environment, no confidential or sensitive information will be stored on the Brown webpub web server.

As Information Provider, I agree not to share my web publishing account with anyone else. If others in the department require access, I will advise them to apply for their own account. If I will no longer be responsible for updating a group's Web site, I will contact webservice1[at] to have my access to the site removed.

Web application designers should follow best practices to ensure that their sites meet minimum security standards. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has developed a list of critical vulnerabilities, and web application designers should adopt their suggested countermeasures.

Support for Web Publishers

Brown web publishers are encouraged to view the resources in CIS Support Wiki.


As an information provider for the Internet, I agree to accept the responsibilities outlined in the "Acceptable Use Policy" for my group. I have read and understand the document, Acceptable Use Policy, and will comply with its guidelines. I agree to accept responsibility for the information that is posted using my account and I agree not to publish any sensitive or confidential information on webpub. I understand that the webpublishing account that is to be assigned can only be used for Internet publishing, and cannot be shared with another individual.

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